Lesley, here’s the first draft of the gif for PA’s map “slides”. I think the web version would be clearer if we (a coder) coded a toggle, so you could toggle between the two maps. We could also do a slider (like the images at the top of the home page of https://oilandgasthreatmap.com/ ) which the viewer could pause if they want. I’m also thinking that I may need to make the 2014/2017 label at the top; certainly on the webpage we need to label the map, and describe what it’s about.

Scroll down for a view of the maps side by side (but then they are too small).

Another thought is that I include the statistics on the same “slide” — essentially making on large graphic showing everything (almost a poster).

Let’s discuss and strategize. Thank you.



Below, shows two maps side by side for an easier comparison, but harder to read.